Vagina Drama

January 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite sites ever is Through all the drunken booty calls, Pineapple Express type shenanigans and people bashing, it offers a lot of insight into the human psyche. One of which is the fact that we all need someone to connect with. We don’t like to admit to being so needy but it comes out, on those booze-fueled nights when you just don’t want to go home alone and on those high-as-a-kite moments you just have to share with someone, anyone.

The last entry I read went something like this: I can’t see you anymore and I’m gonna stop talking to you. I’m having vagina drama.

What the hell is Vagina Drama? I think I know. It’s that moment when a girl realizes that going home with a stranger just to have someone spend the night with her is just not worth the nail-biting shame of finding out (sober) just what she dragged home with her. It’s that instant when she finds out how unsatisfying sex is when she can’t even remember which name she’s supposed to call out. And it’s that moment when she decides to go stag than be with someone who makes her feel like crap.

So to you, you know who you are, just stay away. I’m having major Vagina Drama.

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