Love is hard

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Elizabeth Lowell is one of the pseudonyms of Ann Maxwell, a woman I admire for channeling her boredom towards something productive, like say, writing over 50 novels, most of which made it to bestseller lists. Her work as Elizabeth Lowell is categorized mostly as contemporary romantic suspense and in this collection that includes Midnight in Ruby Bayou, Amber Beach and Pearl Cove. Incidentally, they’re part of a series about the Donovans who, as is pro forma in contemporary romance, are a powerful (read: insanely rich) family who have interests in rare and precious minerals and gems. The first book I read from Elizabeth Lowell was Pearl Cove and I got hooked on how she seamlessly weaves in suspense in the love story. Yes, there’s this powerful man whom no woman has been able to conquer. And yes, there’s this broken woman who believes she will never be able to love again. They meet, go off on an adventure and live happily ever after. It seems formulaic, but you don’t get that feeling while you turn page after page, biting your nails to find out whether they will get the bad guys before or after they kill each other.


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