Zai jian

February 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Chinese have it right. There really is no goodbye among good friends, there’s only the hope of seeing them again soon. Two friends of mine are leaving the Sand Globe for good – one in less than 3 weeks, the other in about 3 months. Now, I’m not exactly the type to surround myself with people 24/7, but knowing that there are people close by who can hold my hand physically or virtually has always kept my demons at bay. I know I’m expected to act really cool and say, “Whatever, man. I’ll be seeing you around.” But right now, I just want to do my signature move of thrashing all over the floor and bawling my eyes out.

I just finished a CSI marathon and realized no one ever believes the suspect who says they were home alone when the crime happened. I had to still the urge to inform everyone on my speed dial where I was and what I was doing so I can leave some sort of trail the CSI can use to verify my statement. And that’s how this post came about. What will I do now and who will I call when I need a witness? I know this is just my fear of abandonment coming full force and rationally, I do know there is no way these people can shake me off. Still, there is something to be said about proximity. I like to keep my friends close. Maybe not exactly, room mate close. But at least in the same city.

So, to the two of you, I wish you well. Send me your addresses asap so I’ll know where to teleport myself next when my world just gets a bit too much and I need real people who know me and wouldn’t care if I’m just an inch shy of having a foot inside padded walls.



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