Who let the ad whores out?

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I never felt more like a whore for Nuclear Science than today. Here we were, two Science Escorts (as my fellow NR Drone likes to call us) trying to win awards off this tiny powerhouse of a woman trying single-handledly (literally) to save all the abused animals of the Sand Globe and beyond. With no outside funding, she’s built a shelter for these animals in the real sense of the word. And you saw how much she cared for all of them, from the adorable pugs to the icky iguanas. Imagine having to walk a family of alpacas in the morning and then a pair of gazelles in the evening. Then having to pull off a Cheshire cat from a chinchilla. Bizaare, I know. But this was this woman’s life and she obviously loved it. Talking to her, I just wanted to curl up and die of shame. Here was this woman carrying on her life’s work without a care for cost or recognition and all we had for her was some artwork and fancy lines we hope could win us awards. I now remember why I’m not too keen on meeting heroes, they always have this way of making you look inward to find yourself so lacking.



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