I’m falling in laugh with you

February 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I confess to one tiny weakness: I find romance novels irresistible. This addiction began in my freshman year in high school when we demure Catholic school girls passed around battered copies of Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey and Jude Devereaux. Back then, Fabio graced the covers of Johanna Lindsey’s novels and we guiltily gobbled up what was then considered very racy love scenes. As my tastes in literature grew more . . . er . . . sophisticated, the romance aisles of bookstores still called to me and I could never resist their allure. Come on, be honest. Who wouldn’t want to be that plain Jane some gorgeous hunk of a man would go to the ends of the earth for, even for just a few hours and only on the pages of a book? And then one of the unShelved lent me her copy of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s Nobody’s Baby But Mine and I discovered a writer who taught me that falling in love was more Pineapple Express than the Love Affair to Remember. I love SEP’s sense of humor, the way she mixes the bizarre with the every day (one pair meets while the girl is wearing a beaver costume, more about that later). Best of all, she makes me believe a football player (mind you, I find American football painful to watch) trumps Fabio in the romantic hero department. This is one author that brings truth to the wish “Happy reading.”


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