Singletons of the world, unite!

March 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reasonably attractive, highly intelligent and gainfully employed. So why are we still single? I’m taking Bridget Jones’s angle and saying: Because men are idiots. They never recognize the good stuff right under their nose becuase they’re either too busy making sure their insecurities are not showing or picking up their jaw where it dropped on the floor when that busty blonde walked past. There are all kinds of women out there and sometimes you wonder, how come she’s married and I’m not? But then you see the comedy of errors that is relationships and you think, I dodged the bullet. So here’s to all the singletons out there. We’re not always happy about our weight and most of our Friday nights are spent at home alone, snuggled under the covers with a good book. You might as well have a funny woman you can relate to for company.


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