Another night in emo mode

March 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was cryin’ when I met you
Now I’m tryin’ to forget you
Love it sweet misery
I was cryin’ just to get you
Now I’m dyin’ ’cause I let you
Do what you do down on me
– Crying, Aerosmith

I swear I never plan emo nights. They just sneak up on me and before I know it, I’m back on the floor again, bawling my eyes out. Now, this shouldn’t be such a big deal. Admit it, you can’t judge me because you know exactly what kind of night I’m talking about. You’ve been on that floor too, surrounded by tissues wet with a combination of tears and snot. The only distinctive feature of mine is that they are preluded by sappy songs I would deny knowing but suddenly discover I know the entire lyrics of. I’d be doing something as inane as the laundry for example and out of the blue Heart would be wailing in my ears. And I’m not even counting those nights Bon Jovi sits beside me and screams, “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Honey, you give love a bad name.” At these moments, trust me, I question my sanity even more than you do. I think this is mainly the reason I enjoyed watching All Mcbeal so much. It made me believe there was someone out there nuttier than me. I mean, come on, seeing a baby dancing to a very catchy stomp theme? Creepy. Not to mention lock-me-up-and-throw-away-the-key crazy. Tonight, it’s Steve Tyler’s turn. He’s (over)sharing how, just at the moment of heartbreak, we cling onto someone we believe is a much better option. But by the time the tears clear up and the comforting hugs have turned cold, we realize we’ve let Jason into our lives and he’s now happily running his chainsaw through everything you had thought made the two of you work. I think I’m going to put up with this for a while. The wailing is filling in the silence. I’m breaking out the tissues now. The bottle of Jack is up next.



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