That scheming momma!

March 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

This book was my introduction to Susan Elizabeth Philips. Every member of the unShelved has her own quirks and abilities. For one of us, it’s this knack for discovering authors all of us would enjoy reading. Which, incidentally, saves us a lot of money as one book can be passed around amongst all of us. But, as usual, I digress. This book is quite unconventional for a romance. Just take the main characters, for instance. A 34-year-old physics professor and a star quarterback. The physics professor decides the only way she could have a baby is to find a suitable candidate as a sperm donor. Enter our star quarterback, only they have to do this the hard way and the physics professor pretends to be a hooker for a night and gets her baby the old-fashioned way. And so begins their love story, in a roundabout way. You might be wondering just how they could proceed with such a huge deception opening up a chasm between them, but that is the magic of Susan Elizabeth Philips. She would put together the most unlikely of pairs, put them in seemingly implausible situations and still leave you, the reader, feverishly turning the pages, laughing the entire time, to find out how they all live happily ever after. You may never land yourself the unknowing prince charming described between these pages, but this book will make you wonder as you savor every word of it.


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