It’s been a while

May 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Statistics show that on average, blogs last for a little over 3 months. When I began this blog, I promised to write an entry for every moment I have been moved to stab, maim or scream at people. It’s been therapeutic. I posted here about 5 times a day when I started, and gradually reduced it to at least once a day. Unfortunately, my absence of more than 10 days does not mean I’m “cured”. Far from it. I’ve been away not because nothing has happened to induce my rantings. My days have all been bleak so far and I’ve been walking around catatonic, afraid that if I open my mouth the only sound to come out will be a very raw, animal-like, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggghhhh.” I haven’t been write about anything for a while. Sometimes, I feel like nothing was ever right. Today, I woke up to the thought that things don’t have to be like this. I don’t have to feel this way. I can do better. Sure, things aren’t going my way right now but that’s no one’s fault but mine. I should have learned to stay away from potential pain by now but like the proverbial moth, I am always drawn to the flame. So, the days of needless suffering ends today. The universe knows what I want (it’s probably grown deaf by now from all my constant nagging) and I am taking the steps to get it just to move things along. It’s time to get off the floor once again, brush myself off and get to work.


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