Quick fix

June 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve spent the last few weeks pretending to pack and along the way found some projects I’ve been putting off, such as getting shoes resoled and sewing back on buttons to clothes I’ve been meaning to wear. Being a bit of a pack rat, I keep buttons and other odds and ends thinking they might be of some use someday. Today, this actually worked. Case in point, the “new” button on this skirt was the decoration on an accessory I’ve never used. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and that I’m able to do quick fixes like this on most things. Yesterday a friend told me he had read this blog and that he had never realized just how miserable I have been for quite some time. That prompted me to re-read my older entries and see what he meant. It’s a tribute to my current state of mind that I can look back on them, laugh and not remember the people and situations that had prompted such violent reactions. It felt like I was reading about someone else’s life and was glad I wasn’t that person. At least, not anymore. In a few weeks, I start a new life. I don’t know what that is yet exactly, but for once, I am not worried or scared. I’m actually, gasp, at peace. I feel like this skirt, somehow. It’s been relegated to the back of the closet for so long just because it had a missing button. But now, it’s back on the Must Wear shelf – ready to go out and have new adventures, new opportunities and lots and lots of fun.


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