Flash Forward

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve started to watch this TV series called Flash Forward. In it, some weird event happens and all the people on earth lose two minutes and some odd seconds of time in which they see six months into their future. Throughout the series you then see people backtracking from their vision of the future to the present day; some to try to change what happens and others just to find out if what they saw would really happen. This got me thinking about my present situation. I know that my new life is waiting for me but I am anxious and impatient to get it started and have the old one really and unequivocally behind me. I find myself staring off into space most times, imagining what my life would be like six months from now, which is when I project all the pieces to be in their appropriate places. But really, what would I do if I knew exactly what was going to happen then? What if I find out something tragic is about to happen? What if I see that nothing much has changed then and I’d still be in deep shit? Will knowing really help me feel less anxious now? If anything, the past few months have shown me that there is a bigger plan for me out there and all that I have to do is sit tight, roll with the punches, and be confident that something good is coming my way. I know this. Even in my sleep, I know this. But sometimes, when you’re chin-deep in hot water, you do get the feeling that it would be nice to know exactly when you’ll be able to pull yourself out of it.


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