Stop whining, you ungrateful cow

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is a line I hear often from one of my dearest friends. Yes, you wonder what kind of friends I have, but there you have it. These people are good for me. I’ve heard this line so often from him that automatically when I hear my inner bitch start to whine I hear his voice in my head telling me this and inner bitch just shuts up. So today wasn’t a very good day for me as it started out with one huge disappointment but instead of whining about it I am instead going to list my Top Ten Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

10. I got the Awesome Cook genes from my mother. My packed lunch of spareribs and buttered corn was even better than anything I could order from Chilli’s.
9. I have mastered bus timings. I will never have to broil under the SandGlobe sun a minute longer than necessary for the bus to come by ever again.
8. My first radio ads for the new job were awesome.
7. I finally got through a pitch review with no cool ideas bombed.
6. I finally have family coming to see me in the SandGlobe. Yes, she’ll never get out of the airport but we’re trying not to whine here.
5. I am still too thin for my Thin Pants. Perfect excuse for dessert after every meal from now on.
4. I have finally tucked away my inflatable bed.
3. It’s a pitch week but I still get home by 7:00pm.
2. I got my Sheldon seat on the metro . . . at rush hour 😉
1. I am not miserable anymore. 


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