The tools in my shed

January 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

I started crafting ambitiously, I have to admit. A friend had a pair of armchairs I thought I could re-upholster and make adorable.

I began with the seat cushion by hand and that worked perfectly well (sorry, no picture of that but trust me, my fingers were curled for a week!) but hurt my hands like nobody’s business. So I thought all I needed was a sewing machine to make my life easier. As I started reading DIY and crafting blogs more and more, however, I realized a machine was only the beginning.

So these are now my new favorite things, apart from my Singer, of course. My super-scratched crafts table is testament to the folly of not getting a cutting matt and the rotary cutter and ruler have been a godsend for a measurements-challenged noob like me.

And this, ladies and gents, is the tool my blog is named after. I was checking out a beginner’s sewing guide  and for the life of me, considering how voraciously I read and watch TV, have never come across the term “measuring gauge” or “hem gauge” ever before. So I went to one of the very few dedicated craft shops in Dubai and found this. It’s basically a small ruler that helps you get your hems the same size all around, perfect for beginners and a must-have tool for even the hardcore seamstress.

So for the first time ever, I got to wear my new jeans the next day without having to wait or pay for someone else to shorten them for me. Me a happy puppy.


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