My first tutorial . . . yay!

January 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

My goal is to post at least one tutorial a week (hah!), but we gotta start somewhere so here’s my first one. I believe in starting simple (hehehehe, simple’s all I can do right now) so this one’s pretty easy, I did it in one hour, with coffee breaks and re-pinning and readjusting in between. Here’s How to Refashion a Pullover:

Back story: I have this old pullover I love because it is very soft but it’s had some . . . ehem . . . shrinkage issues. Since I wanted to use it still, I thought “Why not open it up?” So, you will need a rotary cutter (or scissors, but I’m not good with them), some trim (I’m using 5mm width, 3m length of vintage-looking crocheted trim I found at Daiso), a button, and something to put the button through (I used a thinner crocheted trim I also found at Daiso).

Now take a deep breath, convince yourself you know what you’re doing, and cut straight down the middle.

Obsessively pin the trim in place along the open edges.

Be sure to leave a bit of trim hanging off the edge so you can tuck this in for a neat finish later.

I’m sure you can do this faster if you knew how to measure but me, the noob, had to place the button and loop the trim around it and then make the cut. Surefire way to ensure the button will fit through the loop 🙂

Tuck the loop under the trim and readjust your pin.

Adjust and readjust to your heart’s content (I had to do this a lot since the pullover’s knit material was stretchy and bunched up quite a bit when being pinned) but sooner or later you’ll have to bite the bullet and sew it all together. Since my trim is wide, I sewed it on both sides.

Sew your button on.

And you’re done! Yay! You can also do this with bias trim and embellishments like onepearlbutton did. But in the meantime me and my “new” cardi are off to the sales. Vavoosh!


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