My occasional OCD

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m easily distracted. I’d get an idea in my head, feverishly search the web for the best ways to do it, and along the way find ideas for completely new projects. But since I have more confidence in my abilities than common sense, I’ve promised a few people some things I thought they’d like (note to self: stop getting yourself into trouble) and can’t keep putting off actually making them. So I decided it was time I sorted myself out, get organized and inventory the stuff I do have and what I need for actual projects in progress.

Presenting crafting organization ala Lee:

Our office gets a gazillion magazines every day and we just throw away the plastic wrap they come in. And sigh, some things just get into your system and haunt you forever, so I gave in and made my own job bags out of these magazine shipping bags.

I’ve started projects and had to abandon them because I realized I didn’t have the right materials. Or, I’d be in the middle of something and decide I didn’t like what I was using and I’d rip it off and start from scratch. What a waste of time! And sometimes materials. So now I make basic drawings of what I want to do. Or I do this:

I lay things out approximately how they will look in the end. If I like it, the stuff goes into the job bag. If not, we scrounge around for other materials that go with each other until we’re happy.

Then I draw what the darned thing is supposed to look like, or as close as I can get to it, write dimensions and notes and put this in the bag too. The notes are especially important since I tend to forget important things, like were to put the straps and enclosures 😀 Bonus: you can use these drawings as your “patterns” later on for when you want to do the project again.

And there you go, a complete and organized job bag I must admit encourages me to get to work.


I’ve been told often enough to pre-wash fabrics before cutting and sewing. Be sure to wash your fabric before it goes into the bag 😉

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