Friday fun with fabric

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Excuse the title. My brain goes on default terrible copywriter mode when it hasn’t had its fill of morning coffee yet. Anyhoo, more goodies for me – weeeeeee! These courtesy of Tatiana Lisnewskaya of Pani Lisnewskaya Co. right here in the UAE. Very cool collection of fabrics but the reason I love them so much is they have fleece! Dubai may have a textile souk but unless you’re planning a wedding or making saris, finding the fabric you need is still a bit tricky. There’s a project I’ve had in mind for a few months now that requires fleece but never found anything but the fleece blankets at Carrefour, and those weren’t pretty. So thank you, thank you Tatiana 🙂

Much as I’d love to play with my new goodies all weekend long, I’m going to be busy with obligations far removed from sewing. But I promised myself I’ll have at least one project a week so I’ll have to make time. We’re doing something simple this week that’s a bit of a two-in-one: I get “new” clothes while I tick off two items on my TO-DO projects list that’s somehow grown longer in just a week. Hint: we’re refashioning jeans! Watch this space:)


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