Crafting resolutions

January 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last night a slightly disinterested tertiary friend asked me how long I thought this new sewing/crafting obsession would last. Which made me realize I’ve never really had a “hobby” before, just interests that take up a lot of my time for a few weeks and then get relegated to the “Will do again sometime” bin.

So let’s breakdown the facts. 1. I have a sewing machine I love and hate being away from for longer than a day. 2. I’ve made quite an effort and investment in gathering up supplies, tools and looking for the best deals on fabric and notions. 3. If a certified lazy couch potato like me would actually make the effort to plan out projects and complete them, not to mention commute to literally the other side of town to get materials for them, I think we can be sure we’ve got a winner here.

So, I’ve made myself a few promises. 1. I will never miss a Made by you Monday on Skip to My Lou or Talent Tuesday from Vintage Wannabe ever again. I know these are just venues for sharing projects and not real challenges, but I’m hoping to get into the habit of doing at least one project a week that I am proud enough of to share with everyone. And then we’ll take on the challenges. And 2. Find balance in everything. I wasn’t able to sew last weekend because I had a non-sewing related project to do. The weekend before that, I didn’t meet up with friends because I was caught up in a sewing project. I have to find the right mix in my week so that I don’t neglect any aspect of my life even while I enjoy the benefits of one.

Crossing fingers here that when I see this post next year it won’t be while cringing in shame 🙂



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