Oh, I made something after all

January 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

I just realized this week wasn’t entirely lost. I did make a practice bag that turned out quite well (for me, anyway). I wanted to do this really pretty bag I saw on Designsponge but didn’t have eyelets, rivets and the leather strap. And no, I wasn’t just being lazy. I travelled an hour to THE craft store but they didn’t have   any of those. But I thought this was just a practice bag anyway and I didn’t have to do it exactly as shown. I really just wanted to learn how to hide my stitching by using lining.

So, no eyelets? Improvise and learn a new skill along the way.

I realized my sewing machine can make buttonholes! I have a good feeling these stitches are strong enough to handle a wallet, a book, keys, a mobile and a pack of cigarettes.

I also added a pocket inside, just for practice, and maybe for my keys and loose change too. Then I added straps.

I think it works. But just to be sure (because I plan to make a better version of this as a gift – yes, one of the 4 must-finish projects of the weekend), I’m going to take this baby out for a test run. Thankfully my shopping buddy is a nut about oversized bags so if this falls flat I’ll have somewhere to put my stuff in 😀 Happy weekend peoples!


Yes, it is made from extra fabric from my curtains and my first dress 😉


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