Do your own laundry . . . detergent

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m posting this from sheer peer pressure. It seems most craft sites I follow now have a tutorial on how to make your own products, from facial wash to house cleaning solutions. I am not YET a hippie. I am slowly making the transition to sustainability though, mostly in trying to keep my trash to a minimum by using and re-using what I have (recycling), making what I need from what I don’t use (refashioning, upcycling), and more importantly, BUYING LESS (being a cheapskate). Right now, my main expense is for food and toiletries. Since I can’t make my own food, I’ll keep my experimentation to the products I use on my face and body. I’ll keep you posted on what works and what doesn’t. So far I’ve been using coconut oil as a weekly conditioner for my hair and a hand moisturizer and it’s been effective, but I do need to find a less expensive moisturizer for my face. Will let you know if any breakouts happen soon. In the meantime I leave you with a tutorial on how to make your own laundry detergent and dishwashing soap from the aptly named Scoutie Girl. Oh, and today’s helpful hint: Lemons. They can clean everything from your face to your kitchen counter. Always keep them in stock 😉


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