12 Questions

March 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

I started this blog to teach myself some discipline. I thought that if I set myself a Friday deadline for at least ONE craft finish and post every week, this would help me learn to balance my time between real work, socializing, lazy time and crafting. Happily, along the way some really cool people have visited my blog and I’ve visited theirs. And the best feeling is when an absolute stranger actually takes the time to like or comment on your post. Even better is for someone to actually want to get to know you a bit better. sewmuchchoice has asked me and eleven other bloggers twelve questions and in return I’ll be asking twelve other bloggers questions of my own. First, my answers:

1) What age did you start crafting?

– Errr, uhmmm. This one’s tough. I learned the basics of what I do now from high school and have done a few projects here and there over the years. But the full-on, let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-work crafting didn’t start until last year (age 34 :D) when I got a new place and needed to decorate on the cheap.

2) What made you get into crafting?

– Poverty 😀 Hahahaha but seriously, I didn’t have much money to decorate my house so I decided to DIY most of it. That way it was cost-effective and just the way I wanted it.

3) What do you do to relax?

– I lie on the sofa and watch full seasons of my favorite TV shows. Otherwise I’d be reading a book in the bathtub.

4) What would your superpower be?

– I’d like to have stretchy limbs. I’m short, so shopping can be a bit of a challenge. Somehow all the good stuff is always on the top shelves 😦

5) What made you decide to start blogging?

– I started a blog that was more like a diary a few years back. I’m a writer but I don’t always get to write what I want. So I thought I’d write whatever I wanted on a blog. It came out very rant-y and when I look back on it now I just feel like that person isn’t me anymore. I started this blog so I can channel my “rants” into something more productive.

6) What do you look forward to?

– The weekends! Getting home after a stupid day at work. More recently, play time with my bunny (not a euphemism, an actual bunny :D)

7) What do you like to make for other people?

– I just like making things I think will fit their personality, like a guitar case for a musician wannabe and a gadget pouch another friend could hang on his mountain bike’s handlebars.

8) What do you like to make for yourself?

– I am not motivated to do things for myself, sadly 😦 But my goal is to make my own clothes and not have to buy anything ready-made except for jeans, shoes and undies 😀

9) Where is your favourite place?

– Home, since it’s the most accessible. But I’d love to go back to Tuscany. That was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to so far.

10) If you could be doing anything now…what would you be doing?

– (Sigh) I’d be behind one of the sewing machines in my sewing cafe, crafting along with other sewing enthusiasts as we sip our coffees and nibble on cupcakes . . . (sigh)

11) What are you proud of?

– I had a tough year and a half and I’m proud of the person I’ve become since. I’m a lot more practical and cautious now and I’d like to think I do think twice now before I act.

12) What are you most thankful for?

– Family and friends. You do find out who the real people are when you’re down and out. I am so thankful for those who stood by me in the tough times are now sharing the good times with me.

And now to ask my twelve favorite bloggers my own twelve questions:

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Pepperbox Couture

1. What was your very first project/recipe?

2. Where do you get ideas from?

3. What or who inspires your crafting the most?

4. When are you most creative? (Early morning on weekends apparently for me)

5. What is your dream project?

6. What was your most frustrating project?

7. What was your easiest project?

8. What made you decide to blog about crafting?

9. In another life, and you can’t be exactly who and what you are now, what would you be?

10. What crafting tool, equipment do you think every crafter cannot live without?

11. What has helped you most in your crafting (website/magazine/blog/person)?

12. Your words to live by:

Looking forward to your answers 😀


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  • I love your answers, your superpower is very good…I am short too so think I would like to join you with stretchy limbs. I also like the craft cafe, something I aspire to too.

    • Thank you for asking me. Starting this blog was such a good idea. I’m getting to know people who have the same interests as me. It’s truly expanding my world 🙂

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