Stone tile placemat

March 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s been a slow (hah! say complete standstill) for crafting this week. I’ve been in such a blah mood (mainly because 8 hours of my day is spent in an unproductive funk) that I just haven’t been inspired to do anything. But I plan to change that next week after completing my pattern-drafting classes. Then we’ll be going on a garment-making frenzy to justify the cost of the classes. Or so we’ll see.

Anyhoo, admiring other people’s crafts always lifts my spirits and sure enough I found this. I can’t credit this to anyone since I followed a Pinterest link and only got as far as the image. So if this is yours, please do leave me a note of approval or if not tell me to FO and I’ll remove it 😀

I really love the look of this and I like that it’s an upcycle of something. I do believe this wouldn’t be practical for actual use though. I’m just thinking of the many richly sauced Filipino dishes I love so much and no way will I let those near this. Still, great idea to visit your local hardware store and find a nice and big enough tile to use as a placemat.

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