Look, Ma, another engineer

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

My mother raised two engineers and me, the kid who’d quote lines from Snooky Cerna movies in shouting matches with her sister. Since I’d get an asthma attack at the sight of numbers, I steered myself where words led me and my resume is now a weird mesh of occupations that all bottom line to either the spoken or written word. Well and good. Except that I suddenly decided garment construction was something I wanted to do. And now my weekends are spent measuring tape around the neck and trying to figure out which ruler measures what in pattern-drafting classes with the gracious Tsufa and five other wonderful ladies.

To all crafters and sewing enthusiasts who share patterns they made themselves so generously to the rest of us, I raise my hat (if I wore one) and everything else to all of you. PATTERN MAKING IS HARD. Just taking measurements and trying to do them properly and then drawing a block IS HARD. After each class I feel like grabbing the first tailor I see in a bear hug and saying, “There, there,” to them as I rub their shoulders. It has been an eye opening experience, finally understanding how garments are supposed to be constructed and knowing the importance of (having the patience to) taking the right measurements. But is also frustrating because where I used to just sew willy-nilly, I now sit back and think every detail through before even gathering materials. Which has sadly resulted in no finishes these past two weeks and I’m feeling such a slacker now. And this hasn’t helped:

My (just a few days ago) very timid and docile bunny has decided that she is now going to be a ninja, constantly popping up in strange places when you least expect her to. And because she’s such fun to watch, I automatically turn into a two-year-old and start hopping around the house with her. VERY PRODUCTIVE INDEED.

Anyhoo, I found out at the last class that I did my first draft so badly and had to spend the last quarter sitting quietly taking notes over my useless center front bodice. I MUST MAKE A NEW ONE (emphasis for my benefit) before next Saturday’s class and redeem myself among my more crafty classmates. I must do at least one craft project before Friday. I MUST MUST MUST . . . oh, hey there, Bunny, of course I want to play . . .




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