DIY Bunny Bed

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been entirely lazy the past few weeks. Having a house bunny is almost like having a hyperactive two-year-old in the house, minus the noise. I’ve been spoiling the Bunny Boss, feeding her twice a day, playing with her, scanning the net for more information about taking care of her. And it’s been fun, except that a lot of websites try to sell you cutesy stuff for your bunny that are so darned expensive, you feel like you’re subjecting your rabbit to cruel and abject poverty. Case in point: bunny beds. I dare you to find a pet bed out there that’s not at least $30. And that just goes against my newfound DIY creed. If I can’t buy readymade clothes for myself, then I can’t buy readymade toys and stuff for the bunny.

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty though, since a place to sleep in seems pretty basic, considering that she does not even have a cage as it is. And she does either sleep in a cardboard hideyhole I made for her or beside me in bed, but still, I did have the materials and the time. So one bunny bed DIY project made a lot of sense.

There’s this one pillow on my bed that Pet Lee loves to sleep in so we used that as a base.

I bought about two yards of a fabric called Funky Monkey sometime back and it had these cute sock monkeys all over it. I originally thought of making pyjamas for a friend’s kid with them but somehow lost interest. Good thing because Pet Lee loves it a lot. She always pulls this off the fabric stash when I’m not looking so we might as well use that for her.

The bunny bed comes in two pieces, one is the flat “bed,” which is what the pillow is for, and a tube of stuffing that goes right around it to form a sort of doughnut shape. I made a fabric tube and stuffed it full with the stuffing, wrapped fabric around the pillow and sewed both pieces together.

And voila, no-cost bunny bed and very happy customer. Though, between you and me, she still sneaks under the covers with me at 5:00 a.m.



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