Recycling/upcycling window shutters

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nothing has suffered more in my month-long funk than my house. Laundry is still on the clothesline, bedsheets have been used to cover sofas because I’m too lazy to look for my throws, and my sewing materials are all crammed on top of a table the bunny can’t reach. One of the priorities in my getting-back-to-reality program is to reorganize/redecorate the house, so it’s back to the net to look for inspiration.

I’ve always loved old-school wooden window shutters. Unfortunately, where I come from and where I am they’re considered antiques and get quite pricey. Still, I love the idea of having them all over the house, or even having a full wall of them. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those places where you can find window shutters lying about, please check out this list of things you can do with them to brighten up your home from scraphacker.


Of parties and heartbreakers

March 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Life has gotten fuller this week. Not much crafting was done but I did get to gather my friends to warm my home almost a year too late.

More pics and info on that later, and details on how you can contact the lovely Iya to set up your party too. In the meantime I just wanted to introduce you to someone who’s taken up my heart and my energy 24/7 recently:

Yep, there’s my hunny-bunny Pet Lee, AKA Bunny Boo. We’re still on the getting to know you stage and she mostly ignores her humin until she feels it’s time she got more food or water, but I love this tiny furry bundle. Expect to see more of her here. So if I’m not at my sewing machine and/or blogging, just know that I’m probably babbling like an idiot to Pet Lee, hoping she’ll find me worthy of a happy blinky.

Signs of home

March 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

When a rooster crowing on your balcony wakes you up at 4am and your meals consist of 5 different ways to cook pork, you know you’re truly a gazillion miles away from the Sand Globe.

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