Who let the ad whores out?

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I never felt more like a whore for Nuclear Science than today. Here we were, two Science Escorts (as my fellow NR Drone likes to call us) trying to win awards off this tiny powerhouse of a woman trying single-handledly (literally) to save all the abused animals of the Sand Globe and beyond. With no outside funding, she’s built a shelter for these animals in the real sense of the word. And you saw how much she cared for all of them, from the adorable pugs to the icky iguanas. Imagine having to walk a family of alpacas in the morning and then a pair of gazelles in the evening. Then having to pull off a Cheshire cat from a chinchilla. Bizaare, I know. But this was this woman’s life and she obviously loved it. Talking to her, I just wanted to curl up and die of shame. Here was this woman carrying on her life’s work without a care for cost or recognition and all we had for her was some artwork and fancy lines we hope could win us awards. I now remember why I’m not too keen on meeting heroes, they always have this way of making you look inward to find yourself so lacking.


An idea that’s 99% as bright as energy consuming ones

February 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’d like to be an energy efficient light bulb, shining brightly with the least effort and at the least expense to others. But I haven’t slept properly in days. Between my neighbor’s early morning activities and making myself sick thinking too much about things that don’t really matter, I’ve been getting a maximum of 5 hours of sleep nightly since the weekend. I could have been fine if all the Nuclear Reactor needed was for me to show up. But no, it actually requires me to come up with brilliant ideas that would justify my existence. So I have to look alive and interested today, the last day of the work week. I’ll be that person walking around with furrowed brows, absent-mindedly spilling coffee because I’m working out in my head an idea that will save the entire universe. But just between you and me, in reality I’ll be counting the seconds till the weekend begins.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, it’s dirty

January 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m an unbalanced person. I’m practically Virginia Wolf stuffing rocks into her pockets and walking into a river (practically being the imperative word here since I’m such a ninny and a coward and would be thinking “Ohmigod it’s cold, it’s cold, this is gonna hurt, this was not a good idea . . ” – but I digress). Since as a person I am unbalanced, I do try to create some balance in my life.

I haven’t been able to succeed lately.

I work at a nuclear reactor where volatile chemicals are forever on the verge of mixing and exploding. After an entire day spent avoiding third-degree burns and trying to make sense amidst the warning announcements going on and off, there are only 2 acceptable scenarios for me:
1. come home to my house of Zen, where everything is where I left it and no one is around to tell me to straighten up from the fetal position and get off the floor and
2. meet a friend or a maximum of 2 friends to see a movie, have dinner, maybe a few drinks and gripe about life in general.

Instead, I’ve been met by 2 scenarios that seem to be on endless loop:
1. come home to a neglected house where the floor is too dirty and cold for me to lie on
2. the friend or friends I was supposed to meet had changed their plans at the last minute

Now I’m trying to nip this in the bud since too much of this usually leads to me becoming a knife-wielding maniac at the nuclear reactor (volatile chemicals in very fragile containers, not good), but there is no hope in sight yet. I’m trying to deal with Ideal Scenario No. 1 by getting up earlier in the morning to clean up and motivating myself with the thought of coming home to a pristine house. But I need suggestions on a replacement for No. 2. Any and all recommendations are welcome, and no, I haven’t sharpened the knives yet.

A camel ate my homework

January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear blog, I know I promised to write on you as soon as I wake up and as soon as I get home. But I had such a strange day and just had to deal with all that crap and now I’m too apathetic to even rant about that. Promise, I’ll get mad at something tomorrow just for you.
Love always,

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