Once upon a time, there was such a thing as happily ever after

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This is old-school romance at its best. Girl meets boy and they hate each other but they find themselves married for the sake of a kingdom. Love, hate, betrayal and a happy ending like no other is what you will find in A Kingdom of Dreams. This, after Paradise, is my favorite novel from Judith McNaught. I love how the innocence of Jennifer Merrick chips away at the hard-hewn exterior of Royce Westmoreland and finally lands her right smack in the middle of his life and heart. In anybody else’s hands this would have been one of those bodice-ripper novels where, since everyone knows they just have to end up together, all the details that make up the story would have been mere background. But with Judith McNaught, no story is a story unless it’s made up of an engaging cast of characters you fall in love with even as you sit enthralled at how on earth the main characters could ever get together with everything against this possibility. This was one of those books I started to read right before bedtime and ended up almost missing school for. So I suggest you devote an entire weekend to reading this one. Make sure you’ve got the tissues and chocolates within arm’s reach when you do.


Judith, My Love

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I can’t believe it’s been more than two decades since I read this book and discovered what love could be like, in Utopia, according to Judith McNaught. Whitney should have sounded like a ninny, what with her attempts to catch the attention of a bemused Paul. Going as far as suffering some time abroad to polish her social skills and come back as a real lady Paul could fall for. Her impoverished father lays waste to her plans, marrying her off to a Duke. I know, I know – drivel. But Judith McNaught has the amazing ability to turn the most unlikely of characters into a charming heroine you could so easily relate to. And while the chances of your meeting a Duke might be close to nil, you just can’t help but dream that one day one would find you and fall so deeply in love that he would accept you, torn stockings and all, to whisk you away to his castle while the sun lazily sets in the horizon.

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