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A wisual medium for broadcasting still and moving images


You eat my brain

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The people from India I have had the fortune to meet and work with have a very colorful way of putting things. Why just say “Let’s do it before then?” when you could say “Let’s PREpone it”? And it’s not that I’m just going to ignore what you said completely because it doesn’t make sense, it’s just RUBBISH. The title for this post is a phrase I’ve heard time and again in my 5 years in the Sand Globe and it describes what the Nuclear Reactor’s Darth Vader does to me. I mean, seriously, you want to discuss the grammatical merit of adding “the” before a noun by telling me “It’s grammatically wrong not to put da there because that noun needs emphasis.” A percentage of my brain cells die whenever this happens and an image of my Master’s Degree in Literature swirling down the toilet replaces them. Go breathe down someone’s else’s neck, Darth. And take this copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style with you.

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