The search for the perfect crafting corner continues

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 In my head my crafting/cutting/sewing station already looks like this. But considering that I still haven’t made up my mind where in the house this corner will be, this is a huge case of wishful thinking. Withinaquarterinch will tell you how collecting materials for your crafts could quickly go out of hand and before you know it, it’s taken over your entire house. At the moment, my minimalist plans (hah! when you’ve got a zero budget for interior design, everyone’s a minimalist) have gone out the window, replaced by this chaotic mix of fabric, batting, thread, sewing notions, and-half finished projects that is now my living room. But I have to plan my organization methods carefully since I have limited space and even more limited finances. In the meantime, I’ll keep gawking at how other people have gotten around this.


IKEA Hackers

January 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m currently obssesed with having a proper crafting/sewing table – storage/cabinet/display corner. It has to fulfil two very important reuquirements: A. Should not cost much and B. Should not require me to get rid of any of the stuff I already have. Oh, and a third requirement: I must still be able to move around in my living room once it’s installed. To fulfil A, I thought my best bet was to get something from IKEA. But that’s a bit disheartening since I also want the space to be inspirational (read: NOT BEIGE). And then I found the IKEA Hackers. Granted, most of their projects are for IKEA stuff they already own, but I think, maybe, I could still make this work 😉

Hoodie poncho

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Hello crafty  bodies. It’s a freezing day! Well, all right, it’s only 14 degrees centrigrade but in the desert that’s unexpectedly cold. Which brings me to today’s post, a very helpful tute on how to turn my college days (fine, fine I wore till last year) hoodie into a posh poncho (see what I did there? 🙂 )Pic’s already got the how-to’s but you should also check out the P.S. I Made This blog for other stuff you’d like.


Is Dr. House in the house?

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I love watching House, MD. Of course all the medical jargon go way, way over my head, but I’ve always liked being the spectator amidst people busy dealing with their own drama. If I’ve learned one thing from this show, it’s that things need to get worse for someone to figure out what the heck is going on and find the right solution. There are always two endings, either a death or a new lease on life; granted, it’s the latter more often that not, but the possibility of death is a constant and seems very real in all of the show’s 40 minutes.

So, the only point of this post is that right now, nothing has gone right for me and things have gone progressively wrong in an alarmingly short period of time. I choose to think of this as my House period, the storm before the calm. Universe, you better have a very, very good reason behind this shitstorm I’m facing right now because although I’m still laughing and able to function, inside me the disease continues to spread and rage undetected.   

An improvised life

October 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

The last three months have been a test of my resilience, strength of character, and ability to roll with the punches. While I’m truly grateful for the many blessings I have received at this time, I can’t help feeling a bit beaten up. In the comedy of errors that has been my life for the past five years, I could say this is the most insane situation I have found myself in yet. I’d like to convince the powers that be that I have learned lessons in humility, adaptation, patience, and gratitude the hard way and that I’d like the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned now. But I guess they’re not done pounding the lessons on my head yet and I shall just have to flex my muscles once more and try my best to deflect the blows.

This may not be a rant-y post, but it is surely one that’s close to defeat. Dear Universe, I remind you every minute of what I need right now. I’m sure, in your infinite wisdom, you will grant it when I need it most. I now just ask for one more tiny thing: the strength to get up once this storm completely blows over.

Current Status:

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Scared shitless.

Stumble can be unnervingly accurate sometimes 2.1

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