Recycling/upcycling window shutters

April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nothing has suffered more in my month-long funk than my house. Laundry is still on the clothesline, bedsheets have been used to cover sofas because I’m too lazy to look for my throws, and my sewing materials are all crammed on top of a table the bunny can’t reach. One of the priorities in my getting-back-to-reality program is to reorganize/redecorate the house, so it’s back to the net to look for inspiration.

I’ve always loved old-school wooden window shutters. Unfortunately, where I come from and where I am they’re considered antiques and get quite pricey. Still, I love the idea of having them all over the house, or even having a full wall of them. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those places where you can find window shutters lying about, please check out this list of things you can do with them to brighten up your home from scraphacker.


Dining room DIY

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

You could say I got into DIY out of sheer envy. I moved into my flat with no furniture. My friends know I’m not exaggerating here, we had to sit on the kitchen counters when they’d visit. I’d walk by a The One or Selva window display and want everything in it, from the ridiculously oversized armchairs to the dust-gatherer-potential decorative balls. Since I would have to pawn my soul to be able to buy any of those things, I decided to beg for/buy cheap stuff and “make” them into the things I want. Well this hasn’t quite worked out (as my half-sawn baseboard side table would prove to you) but somehow or another my house is actually starting to look the way I want it to. My biggest issue now are my walls. They look empty. First, because I am very reluctant to drill into them; and second, I keep having daydreams of how the wall fairies would come in the night and I’d wake up to beautifully painted and decorated walls. HAH. Anyhoo, I keep trawling the net for wall decoration ideas and found this new object of envy. I’m not sure whether it’s the rich shade of violet she’s used or the fact that she used mirrors from dollar-store hooks that got me, but I love this. I’ll let Main SarahJane tell you how she did it at very little cost. There’s a plastic cup lighting fixture in there too that you might want to take a closer look at.   


Fun with crayons

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, I’m kinda vaguely settled into my flat now, even though the (sparse) furnishings tend to be moved around at least once a week because I am still not sure whether I really like them where they are or not. Plus there’s that thing where every available surface seems to end up covered in either fabric or sewing materials. My biggest issue is still my walls, blank as most of them are and me still not quite convinced drilling holes into them is a solution. Granted, one of them has to be semi-clear because unlike normal people who have TVs I use a projector for watching my shows. I’ve seen quite a few iterations of this wall decoration because my elementary school “art” classes have completely prejudiced me against a. crayons, b. paper plates, c. macaroni. So jury’s still out on this one, though I love the colors and the mirror detail in the center. Here’s more details about the project from The Shattered Lance.

DIY vinyl wall art

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, I have artist friends who actually do this semi-professionally but they’re lazy bastards (yes, you, you know I’m talking about you) so I figured I might as well try and find a way to do this myself. I finally found a tutorial that my complete noob brain could handle and I hope it helps you out too. Now my only problem is figuring out whether the desert has contact paper.

Cardboard tubes wall storage

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just a few minutes ago I was seriously considering getting rid of some of my furniture to make way for a new craft table and storage for my fabrics and doodads. And then I saw this. I have a feeling this would be a more cost-effective, not to mention space-saving measure. Here’s how to make them, courtesy of Country Living. But now what about that new craft table . . .

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