Excuse me while I pat my back

January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every time I put together something from IKEA I feel very empowered and more than a little butch. For those of you who haven’t seen me, I am 5’2″and all of 50kg. Lugging around a 100cm X 60cm board makes me feel like a lumberjack. I know I should be sewing right now, but I can’t help but just sit back for a minute and admire how my crafting corner is now starting to take exactly the shape I want it to. I’ll just got pop open a beer and count my chest hairs while I’m at it.


Thread Catcher

January 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s one of those ideas so simple you just slap your forehead and say D’oh! Every single day I have to check myself before stepping out the door in case I’ve got some stray threads hanging on me (there are a few 95% of the time, and 100% in a contrasting color that makes them glaringly obvious on whatever I’m wearing). So here’s a simple solution that also solves my gallivanting pin cushion problem. Love it! And the lovely, lovely people at Merriment Design have very helpfully left a tute for it here.

The search for the perfect crafting corner continues

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

 In my head my crafting/cutting/sewing station already looks like this. But considering that I still haven’t made up my mind where in the house this corner will be, this is a huge case of wishful thinking. Withinaquarterinch will tell you how collecting materials for your crafts could quickly go out of hand and before you know it, it’s taken over your entire house. At the moment, my minimalist plans (hah! when you’ve got a zero budget for interior design, everyone’s a minimalist) have gone out the window, replaced by this chaotic mix of fabric, batting, thread, sewing notions, and-half finished projects that is now my living room. But I have to plan my organization methods carefully since I have limited space and even more limited finances. In the meantime, I’ll keep gawking at how other people have gotten around this.

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